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"Pure Healthy Nails Dip-Gel" from Exclusive Wholesale Distributor

No odor, No damaged nails, No heavy feel, No Ultraviolet (UV) light, Looks natural, Nails grow healthier after Dip Gel removal, Longer lasting, No Chinese Chemicals or Ingredients, making in the united states!!
No Odor - Since the ingredients contain no harsh chemicals there is no odor. Most nail acrylic dip gels may contain harsh chemicals that may be toxic and harmful to your body and provide off a solid smell. A lot of people are allergic either short and/or long-term to this potential hazard. Nail technicians and the customers, as well, now can get rid these annoying and very damaging irritants.
No Damaged Nails - The formula and strategy for by using product creates a superior result which is more flexible. Using the softer and much more flexible Dip Gel you've hardly any damaged nails between applications.
No Heavy Feel - Using the Dip Gel formula there's a more flexible end result obtained, thus allowing the actual nail to feel less stiff, tight and reduces lifting.
Looks Natural - Dip Gel nails are cured by dipping the nail in to a powdered gel activator. Dip Gel nails can be used within the entire nail and can be used to fix split or broken nails. Artificial fingernails produced from Dip Gel have a tendency to look natural than acrylic nails.

No Damaging Ultraviolet (UV) Light - Excessive contact with UV radiation can cause genetic mutations that will result in serious skin problems and possible injury to your eye area. Fair-skinned individuals are probably the most prone to these issues. Additionally, it can cause skin to wrinkle and age considerably faster than usual. No Ultraviolet (UV) light is used along with the Dip Gel product
Nails Grow Healthier After Dip Gel Removal - results reveal that after removing the Dip Gel nail most people have experienced their natural nails grow during the gel located on claws. Many haven't been able to experience this before with Acrylic nails. Significantly less filing is necessary inside the application process.
Are more durable - due to the softer and more flexible Dip Gel’s result, the nail looks better much longer of time.
No Nail Polish Needed - With 160+ different colors of Dip Gel, there's no need for Nail Polish as the Dip Gel powder can be a solid color. This protects both time and expense for the customer and Nail Salon owner. If any abrasions, nicks, scratches or chips should occur they may be nearly invisible.
No Ingredients From China - Not one of the ingredients originate from China and out of America. The containers are from America and also the kits are manufactured and assembled in the united states.
Manufactured in America - For assurance of excellence of the product as well as the safety and well-being of the Customer and Nail Technician this Dip Gel product and its ingredients are “Made in America”.
For your protection and well-being, both immediate plus the long run, ALWAYS look in the ingredients within the product container you might be having utilized on you and also WHAT COUNTRY It's FROM?? Don’t be fooled by “Assembled in America” or “Packaged in America” on the package. Most of all, the ingredients should also be “Made in America”.
A good Quality Nail Product At Reasonable Prices!
To read more about Nail Art see our new web portal.

Post by wakehealthynails (2016-12-12 04:59)

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